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  • How long does a Bubblelloon last?
    Under indoor conditions, solid color balloons last about two weeks or more. Confetti balloons approximately one week.
  • How big are the balloons?
    We have different sizes Giant balloons are 36" Number balloons 34" Orbz balloons are 16” Cubez balloons are 15”" Bouquet balloons are 12”
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! Anywhere in the BCS area at an additional cost.
  • Can they be used outdoors?
    Extreme weather conditions are not recommended, and areas with sharp objects, especially brick walls and trees nearby should be avoided, but in general, the balloons can stand normal weather and look great outside. Wind: Our weights are not made to withstand medium to strong winds. We recommend to tie it to a permanent object. Please note: we will be unable to provide any refunds if any balloons pop after we deliver them or you pick them up. Please do not leave the balloons inside the car unattended.
  • How many ballloons can I fit in a car?
    An empty midsize car, can fit a single balloon on the back seat.
  • How soon should I place an order?
    We suggest letting us know as soon as possible no matter how far in advance, but if you have a last minute request we may still be able to accommodate you. Call us and we will let you know our availability.
  • I would like to order a baby gender reveal but I do not want to know the baby’s gender.
    In the baby gender product choose confetti color “none” and let someone else email us at your name and with the baby gender results.
  • Do you have a showroom?
    We do not have a showroom of balloons. Every balloon is made to order.
  • Can I change or cancel my order?
    We can make adjustments: for example; if you purchased the wrong product, or need to reschedule your event, please contact us by email at, and we will do our best to accomodate your request. Should you need to cancel your order, you must submit your cancellation by email: 5 business days before the day of pick up/delivery/installation date, in order to get credit on our products.
  • What is the return policy?
    Bubblelloon Giant Balloons cannot guarantee the lifespan of your balloons after they are picked up/delivered. All baloon sales are final sale. Due to the unexpected circumstances that can occur with any event, we reserve the right to make chages only in the best interest of our clients.
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